Ohmpunctuur is een evolutie op het gebied van klanktherapie.

ohm-gongworkshopPeter Gouw, musician, teacher and working as a music (sound) therapist at his practice ‘Praktijk Ohmpunctuur’, guides and supports individuals and groups in finding their personal natural (sound) destination. The psychology of the chakras and aura are central in his treatments with tuning forks and singing bowls because of their own timbre and resonance.

Sound therapy
Ohmpunctuur, developed by Peter, is an evolution in the field of sound therapy. It is a reflex technique and uses the ancient Chinese acupuncture knowledge. The needles are replaced by special tuning forks with different frequencies, combined with crystal bowls and planetary gongs. Sound (in the form of music, resonance or ‘toning’) can release stuck energy and resolve. Practicing music helps us to become aware of our inner soul or cosmic sound tone.

Sound can make subtle, but profound positive changes to the body, which are measurable by the latest technology. Ohmpunctuur is able to introduce you to higher states of consciousness by this Sound therapy. We are all vibrational beings; the universe itself is vibrating, and through the careful and conscious use of sound we can tune ourselves to be in greater harmony with that vibration of 432 Hz.

Personal (sound) destination
Through a unique anti-stress music method for body and mind guided by Peter, the client / student / workshop or reading develops a personal natural (sound) destination. This is a comprehensive training / lecture, an investment in physical and mental condition. This may be individual or in a group. You build inner strength and tranquility, flexibility and endurance.

Peter uses a variety of instruments such as flutes, singing bowls, gong, drum, musical alternative, different tuning forks, crystal bowls and breathing techniques.

petergouwfotooooooooExperience and expertise
Over the past 25 years he has developed a lot of experience and expertise:
Coaching and training people at home and abroad
Resonance and massage
Several workshops on sound diagnoses
Sound workshops / sound healing concerts
Psychotherapeutic sound massage
Individual counseling
Teacher and owner training center Ohmpunctuur (www.ohmpunctuur.nl)
Teacher Conservatorium of Music Maribor, Slovenia

Sound coaching for a team
Working on sound composition is working on the future. It gives inspiration for tomorrow. Creating sound together, for example during a team building, has the effect that one better ‘tunes’ with the team and this also reflects in everyday’s life. Compare it with playing together in an orchestra. If a music instrument sounds false, it is not in harmony with the rest.

Interaction with each other
To achieve a successful tailor made training / workshop Peter adapts its program on the development and change of the group and each individual in the group. Interactive exercises provide a Total Training (body soul and mind). How do you appear to others? How do you use your voice? What does your attitude tell us? Who are you? And how would you like to appear? How does your team would like to appear and how do you ‘complete’ each other? How do you react to your own emotions and / or the emotions of others?

By being active with sound and creating sound in a team, it feels like pulling of or putting on another jacket. And feel more free. You will also work on your personal communication and awareness.

The Tibetan singing bowls and the traditional use of the sound and vibrations of the Tibertan bowls are central in the lectures and workshops that Peter gives. What is the impact of the sounds to the body and how can you help yourself, and protect yourself for example for emotion and fear, but also energetic pollution from others. He uses sound and mantras that relate to the body and mind of man.

Ohmpunctuur_Gong Workshop_27-28 april 2013_500 pixGong Yoga
OM is the combined resonant tone of Life Force that fills the Infinite Living Universe. ONG is that tone impinging on Matter, creating the physical Universe which resonates like a gong from atom to galaxy. A Gong is a cosmic engine of power and is appropriately named after the sound that it makes. It is an instrument that releases this all powerful OM resonance which, although constituting all materiality, is not limited to finite manifestation. It produces Holistic Tones which have ‘fullness’ and to which the whole being responds. By playing our body, mind and emotions as an organic gong, we are lead to the OM power of our Greater Self. Just as a gong struck repeatedly Gongongongongong…. soon produces a continuous OM. By practicing Gong Yoga we are brought back to the source of greater health and mental balance, our True Selves.

“So we make an outward movement with sound communication and resonance, because you are unique in your own sound movement” – Peter Gouw

Studies confirm Sound Therapy heals

Studies confirm Sound Therapy heals arthritis, cancer, tinnitus, autoimmune disease and more using vibrational frequencies.

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Sound healing is the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissue and cells within the body. It works on the basis that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and sickness, disease, depression and stress causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency. Playing tones that promote healing, happiness and vitality will allow DNA strands to repair themselves, and several scientific studies have been conducted on the potential healing benefits of audio sound frequencies. Sound has been used as a healing tool for centuries, and is still regularly utilized by many different alternative healthcare centers. Tibetan singing bowels, tuning forks, drumming therapy, and even chanting are all used in sound therapy and many participants experience strong emotions during therapy sessions. Advocates of sound healing claim that it has the power to heal mental illness, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and can even shrink cancerous tumors. Learn about the different forms of sound healing and examine the evidence that supports its use as an alternative medical practice.

Dr Emoto’s Messages from Water
Dr Masaru Emoto is a Japanese researcher at the YokohamaMunicipalUniversity who stunned the world with the release of his book, Messages from Water. Dr Emoto designed an experiment to test the effect of spoken words and music on water molecules. He placed several bottles of purified water next to each other and exposed each bottle to different spoken words, music or pictures. The words ranged from ‘I love you’ to ‘you make me sick’, and Dr Emoto experimented with different forms of music such as heavy metal and Mozart. The water was then frozen and Dr Emoto used a very powerful microscope to take high-speed photographs of the newly formed water crystals. The results were astonishing, and all of the samples that had been exposed to positive words and relaxing music formed beautifully intricate patterns and symmetrical, geometric shapes. By contrast, the samples that were exposed to heavy metal music and angry words were distorted and disharmonious. Dr Emoto claims that the results show that water is directly affected by outside influences such as sound, vibration, and frequency, and as human beings are 70% water, our health and wellbeing are also affected by these stimuli.

Cymatics And Sacred Geometery
Cymatics is the visible representation of sound and its study has been documented as far back as the 1600s in an essay by Galileo Galilei. It began gaining popularity in the 1960s when Dr Hans Jenny conducted several experiments that showed how sound could be converted into physical form. Jenny’s experiments involved placing some form of powder of crystallized substance over a flat surface and connecting the surface to an amplifier or tonoscope that could cause the surface to vibrate at different musical tones and frequencies. As the tones were played, the powder would shift into different geometrical patterns which became more complex as the frequency was increased. The results of Jenny’s experiments have been recreated by thousands of people all over the world, and typing cymatics into YouTube will bring up some truly startling videos showing how sound can influence physical matter.

Modern Forms Of Sound Healing
Clinics offering sound therapy can be found all over the world, and many offer a wide range of different treatments. Crystal bowls, shamanic drumming, tuning forks, and even didgeridoos are all utilized in sound healing and patients often take part in group sessions or workshops. Music therapy is a form of sound healing and is widely used in hospitals in the US to treat disorders such as schizophrenia, amnesia, depression, and can even assist those recovering from a stroke or other serious brain injury. Binaural tones are also widely used to promote different mental states, and musicians sometimes insert them into their music to create an effect on the listener. A wide number of guided meditations are available online that use binaural tones, particularly 528Hz which is known as the divine frequency, to bring the listener into a deep meditative state that allows the body to heal and repair itself.

Scientific Evidence for Sound Healing
A two year study supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation in Germany proved that sound therapy was able to significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic tinnitus. Not only did sufferers report a significant decrease in their symptoms, MRI images of the subject’s brains during treatment showed that sound therapy was able to activate certain areas of the brain that researchers believed were responsible for the unpleasant symptoms associated with tinnitus.

A study that examined the effects of music therapy on those with Huntington’s disease was conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester in 2005 and involved the use of group singing, drumming, and music assisted relaxation. All of the 5 subjects who participated in the trial responded well to the use of sound therapy, and further trials are being organized to test the therapy on a wider range of subjects.

Researchers in the UK have found that sound wave therapy successfully cured 90% of male patients that were suffering from prostate cancer, and did so without any harmful side effects whatsoever. Dr Hashim Ahmed, who led the study at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation, stated “We’re optimistic that men diagnosed with prostate cancer may soon be able to undergo a day case surgical procedure, which can be safely repeated once or twice, to treat their condition with very few side-effects.”

Words and sounds are much more than just a method of communication. They are tangible forces that have a direct effect on our health and wellbeing. The study of quantum physics shows that the human body and the entire universe is made up of tiny pieces of matter vibrating at certain frequencies and joined together by magnetic forces. Exposing the internal organs and brain to different musical frequencies will encourage them to heal from within, and sound therapy helps to raise the frequency of the human body promoting health, vitality and spiritual wellbeing.

Source: JB Bardot – http://tinyurl.com/jbbardot

If you like more information about the treatments, concerts or other events of Peter and Ohmpunctuur, please contact Mijke Paulusse at mijke@ohmpunctuur.nl.